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April 7, 2019

First batch of reviews for April is now live. Speaking of these, Devin Townsend's new album is one of the review. It's a further reminder to buy physical. A tremendous amount of work and financial went into that album. These artists cannot continue to do this type of stuff unless there is a financial incentive. Physical is the way to go to help the artist. I will keep making my case for this as I have been in the last few years. The physical version of that particular title is more than worth it. Let's support our artists!

Have a great week and keep it safe!

March 31, 2019

Quick check in with an update to the Picks section. Will be working on another batch of album reviews including the new L.A. Guns which is very cool, just didn't get far enough in to the albums to review the way I normally do. Stay tuned.

So I watched The Dirt which everyone should know is a bio pic featuring Motley Crue. The movie was fun, but felt rushed for obvious reasons. 35 years in a 2 hour movie is going to be difficult to pull off. It is fun for what it is and brought back a lot of memories from that time era for me. I lived the concert scene back then and saw so many of them. Ticket prices were very fair back then which made going to most of them pretty easy to do. Now days, you have to be a lot more selective due to the inflated prices. If you were a fan of that era and the culture, you will probably enjoy the movie. Check it out for yourselves and make your own decision.

Have a great week and keep it safe!

March 24, 2019

Good batch of album reviews just went up. The 22nd was a good day for new material!

Have a great week and keep it safe!

March 10, 2019

New batch of reviews just went live. The last few albums we're covering from that February 22nd release day. That was a great day for rock music.

I will also be updating the upcoming title section for the rest of the month's releases as well as part of April. Watch for that in the next little bit.

Have a great week and keep it safe!

March 3, 2019

We checked out some of those February 22nd releases and reviews for some of those are up now. That was a great release day. Still working on more, so stay tuned for that!

Also did a complete change up on the Picks page. Our first pick of the month for 2019 is live. We usually skip January as we post up our year end wrap from the previous year. We are officially back in the picks for 2019.

Have a great week and keep it safe!

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