Welcome to the upcoming titles section. All dates are subject to change without prior notice. I will be posting around a month at a time to keep the releases as accurate as possible. If anything gets missed or you have information on a release not listed, email me at this link.
This page was last updated on: April 10, 2021
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April 16, 2021

Escape The Fate-Chemical Warfare (Better Noise)
Greta Van Fleet-The Battle Of Garden's Gate (Republic)
Icon Of Sin-Icon Of Sin (Frontiers)
Liquid Tension Experiment-LTE3 (InsideOut)
Peter Hermansson-Second Glance (GMR)
Temple Balls-Pyromide (Frontiers)

April 23, 2021

​Bodom After Midnight-Paint The Sky With Blood (Napalm)
Gilby Clarke-The Gospel Truth (Golden Robot)
Motorhead-Louder Than Noise...Live In Berlin (Silver Lining)

April 30, 2021

Bloody Hell-The Bloodening (Rockshots)
Evile-Hell Unleashed (Napalm)
Sonic Desolution-Explorer (GMR)

May 7, 2021

Mark Spiro-Traveling Cowboys (Frontiers)
Robin McAuley-Standing On The Edge (Frontiers)
Save The World-One (Frontiers)
Save The World-Two (Frontiers)
Sonic Haven-Vagabond (Frontiers)
Tommy's Rocktrip-Beat Up By Rock 'N Roll (Frontiers)