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Pick of the month for 3 - 2019
Beast In Black-From Hell With Love
I have revamped the picks section into more of a buyers guide. I figured that I would give a little more exposure to albums that are must haves and are still available as far as I know. If you have questions beyond the descriptions given, email me. Thanks for checking this section out.
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I discovered Beast In Black some time after their previous album was released. A little late in the game, but became a pretty big fan of the band's sound and approach. 'From Hell With Love' continues the sound that makes them awesome. You get some power metal mixed with lots of melodic sounds, mixed with a more mainstream catchy pop feel in places. It is an interesting and very infectious feel that the band delivers. Be sure to check out some of their videos from the new album, specifically the title track and you'll get the point. The cheese factor in that particular track is a lot of fun to. Watch the small details throughout the video and see if you can figure things out. Great band with an amazing album! Also, check out the other great music below!
Evergrey-The Atlantic   ©2019 AFM Records
A great way to start the year. Evergrey was one of the first releases set for 2019 that I was able to check out and it's a tone setter. The band have a great sound with very good songs and always seems to deliver from album to album. This is definitely recommended for those who dig melodic metal with progressive influences!
For Fans of: Melodic Metal Website: Evergrey Official Website
Warrior Path-Warrior Path   ©2019 Symmetric Records 
This band features Bob Katsionis and Yannis Papadopoulis. For those who don't know, Yannis fronts Beast in Black and Bob is known for his solo work and Firewind. This band is more traditional metal that had me thinking 80's era Iron Maiden in places. Great vocals and superb musicianship. Also, very good songs! 
For Fans of:  Heavy Metal   Website: Warrior Path on Bandcamp
Within Temptation-Resist   ©2019 Spinefarm Records
Another good record. Not as varied as previous efforts. This one sticks to a sound which pretty much plays out through the album. The music is good and shows the band evolving just a bit from the 'Hydra' sound. The usually don't ever make the same album twice, but they are always really good!
For Fans of:  Female Fronted Metal  Website: Within Temptation Official Website
The End Machine-The End Machine   ©2019 Frontiers Records
This band features 3 of the 4 classic Dokken lineup and Robert Mason who also worked with Lynch on Lynch Mob and their self titled album. These 4 guys have great chemistry. Album leans a little more to the Lynch Mob sound but arguments could be made in favor of Dokken as well. Easy recommend! 
For Fans of: Hard Rock   Website:  The End Machine Facebook
Burning Rain-Face The Music  ©2019 Frontiers Records
Outside of Lion in the early days and Bad Moon Rising, Burning Rain is one of my other favorite bands that features Doug Aldrich. It was also nice to see Blas Elias in the lineup as well as Keith St. John and Brad Lang who do a good job of adding to a great chemistry. Raw blues influenced hard rock record with great songs!
For Fans of: Hard Rock  Website:  Burning Rain Official Website
SAUL-Aeons   ©2019 SAUL Music 
It's a five track e.p. that shows a lot of promise for this band. The y have been growing a larger audience through XMSirius Octane and there is a buzz out there. The band will appeal to fans of bands like Nothing More and the like. The music is heavy but at times has a really good rich atmosphere to it with some good depth. Good messages as well from these guys!
For Fans of: Modern Hard Rock    Website: SAUL Official Website
Dream Theater-Distance Over Time   ©2019 InsideOut Music
This is what I wanted to hear from the band. I was not a personal fan of the last album 'The Astonishing'. I tried with it, but it never really worked for me. I wanted a return to a heavier sound and this album is that and more. Good songs and definitely a thicker metal sound this time. No epic tracks this time, but it's a very good album!
For Fans of: Progressive Metal  Website: Dream Theater Official Website
Anthem-Nucleus  ©2019 Golden Robot Records
This is a really good bang for your buck album. You get a platter of re-records of some of the bands best songs through their now lengthy history and a second disc of live material. The re-records are recorded with English vocals and sound very fresh. This alone makes this a must have even if you own the original songs!
For Fans of: Metal  Website: Anthem Official Website
Find Me-Angels In Blue  ©2019 Frontiers Records
The collaboration of Robbie LaBlanc and Daniel Flores works so well. I really dig the melodic hard rock sound this band delivers. Songs are very catchy and memorable. I was a big fan of the previous album and think I like this new entry even more. All killer and no filler with this album. Easy recommend!
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock Website Find Me Facebook
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