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Pick of the month for 10 - 2019
Tarja - In the Raw
I have revamped the picks section into more of a buyers guide. I figured that I would give a little more exposure to albums that are must haves and are still available as far as I know. If you have questions beyond the descriptions given, email me. Thanks for checking this section out.
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Technically this new release from Tarja was released in August, but I didn't want to miss getting it in the picks. I truly believe this is some of her best work today. The songs have such good atmosphere and there is a finesse about them. The music does have a decent edge, but there is more to them than just being heavy. It's a very good journey from start to finish. I was really impressed with the three part track 'The Golden Chamber: Awaken/Loputon Yö/Alchemy'. I feel this album just has something special going on. It's hard to move on from it. You just keeping go back for more. The musical landscapes offered here are impressive !Don't miss this one! Also, check out the other great music below!
Eclipse-Paradigm   ©2019 Frontiers Records
GAnother top notch album from this great melodic hard rock act. It's along the lines of other Eclipse music that you have heard. The songs once again are memorable and the album is very consistent. This is the case with these guys as I feel they have become one of the leaders of today's melodic hard rock movement! Essential!
For Fans of:  Hard Rock Website: Eclipse Official Website
Block Buster-Losing Gravity   ©2019 Frontiers Records 
I really dig this band's sound. They have a bit of a modern sound, but also a retro feel in the structure of each song going back to the 70's and 80's. A really cool groove throughout each track. It's great that Frontiers keeps getting these bands that are somewhat unknown in our parts of the world. This band is a lot of fun to listen to! 
For Fans of:  Hard Rock   Website: Block Buster Official Website
Vitne-Aria   ©2019 Vitne Music
Pretty unique sounding record here as I mentioned in my review. This is an album you want to stick with and take time to digest. There is a lot going on and it can be quite the musical journey. The artist is from Norway and has the goods to go to the next level. Just need people to check them out and spread the word!
For Fans of:  Rock  Website: Vitne Official Website
Bad Blood-Bad Blood   ©2019 Bad Blood
Very cool new band and new release. The band Features former members of Adelitas Way, The Last Vegas, and RapScallions. The band is a good mix of old school and more modern hard rock. They will definitely have appeal to both audiences. You can also check out the Vezt app with which the band worked with on ownership rights.
For Fans of: Modern Hard Rock   Website:  Bad Blood Official Website
Takida-Sju  ©2019 Takida/Universal Music
Absolutely love this band. Had to track this one down as an import, but it was well worth it. Songs are fairly melodic and catchy. This band isn't as well known in the States, but draws very big audiences in Europe. Music has an edge but is very accessible to many audiences. Very memorable modern rock album!
For Fans of: Modern Hard Rock  Website:  Takida Official Website
Beastö Blancö-We Are   ©2019 Rat Pak Records 
Cool third album that continues the sound from the previous two studio albums. You get more Calico Cooper on vocals this time around. The band continues to evolve, but also retains their core sound. The band's sound is somewhere between White Zombie and Motörhead. Very cool band that features Chuck Garric of Alice Cooper!
For Fans of: Modern Hard Rock    Website:  Beastö Blancö Official Website
Phil Lanzon-48 Seconds   ©2019 Phil Lanzon Ditties/Cargo Records UK 
Uriah Heep keyboardist {hil Lanzon's new solo album that has really cool themes and atmosphere. This one never gets real heavy, instead going for a more visual approach with good storytelling. A very smooth album that offers quite a few varieties in terms of style. Found this one to be quite enjoyable and relaxing. 
For Fans of: Rock  Website: Phil Lanzon Official Website
CoreLeoni-II  ©2019 AFM Records
The chemistry with Ronnie Romero is really good. This album reminded me a ton of the earlier Gotthard records. Romero can really pull of Steve Lee's vocal style well. This is a very easy recommend for fans of Gotthard especially since it features Gotthard members Leo Leoni and Hena Habegger. Good catchy heavy rock record!
For Fans of: Hard Rock  Website: CoreLeoni Official Website 
Crashdïet-Rust  ©2019 Frontiers Records
This is a burner of an album. Crashdïet leans to the heavier side of hard rock. Great riffing, choruses, etc. The band is represented well by video with this album on YouTube. If you haven't taken the time to check them out, you really should. Especially those that miss the music that dominated the late 80's scene. Solid record! 
For Fans of: Hard Rock Website Crashdïet Official Website
October 2019 Edition
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