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Pick of the month for 9 - 2017
Steelheart-Through Worlds of Stardust
I have revamped the picks section into more of a buyers guide. I figured that I would give a little more exposure to albums that are must haves and are still available as far as I know. If you have questions beyond the descriptions given, email me. Thanks for checking this section out.
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Spent quite a bit of time with this one since release. This is a great Steelheart album with some classics that have been born. It is quite apparent that the songwriting is as strong as ever as is Miljenko's vocal ability. The song 'Lips of Rain' is almost as classic as 'She's Gone' in my opinion. Steelheart's writing is usually really good and the songs on this album are all quite good. 'Through Worlds of Stardust' is a great addition to the Frontiers catalog. If you haven't heard Steelheart in a while, you really ought to check this one out. Will without a doubt rank as one of my favorites of 2017!  Also, check out the other great music below!
Nothing More-The Stores We Tell Ourselves   ©2017 Better Noise Records
When it comes to modern bands, I really dig Nothing More. The band pack a ton of energy and really offer up solid music that has appeal to old and new fans alike. I jumped in early with the bands last release, and was quite excited to hear about this one. It met my expectation as usual. Great modern hard rock!
For Fans of: Modern Hard Rock Website: Nothing More Official Website
Junkyard-High Water    ©2017 Acetate Records
The same old Junkyard delivers again. This album sticks to the winning style of the earlier albums. Good raw rock and roll that is easy to translate from the record to the stage. I honestly had lost track of this band, but was very happy to see them releasing again as I always liked their style. Blooze rock! 
For Fans of:  Blooze Rock   Website: Junkyard Official Website
Annihilator-Triple Threat   ©2016 UDR GmbH
Great live content package. The set I have includes CD's of live shows including the Bang Your Head Festival and Watersound Studios Sessions which is acoustic. There is also a Blu-Ray of the video versions of these shows along with a mini documentary. Quite a bit here and definitely a good bang for your buck package.
For Fans of:  Metal  Website: Annihilator Official Website
Jace Pawlak-Promise   ©2016 Kivel Records
Our second listen from Jace Pawlak. This records seems to be slightly edgier with a bit more polish to the sound. The songwriting is very similar to 'Perspective' and if you liked that record, you may like this one equally as well. Good melodic rockers mixed with more mellow tunes make for a good listen with this one!
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock   Website: Jace Pawlak Official Website
Radiation Romeos-Radiation Romeos  ©2017 Frontiers Records
New band that features former Warrior vocalist Perry McCarty. The vocals are familiar, but the music is definitely different than you might expect. A more melodically driven album with some decent edge here and there. I quite like this album and respect the many styles McCarty offers. A pretty good listen!
For Fans of: Hard Rock  Website: Radiation Romeos on Youtube 
Crazy Lixx-Rough Justice   ©2017 Frontiers Records
The band offers up it's fifth album in fifteen years and it's another solid outing of melodic hard rock. To me the melodic tracks win out overall, but all in all this is another very good record. It is also a growing album. The more you listen the better it gets. Crazy Lixx is another band we love to keep an eye on and they never disappoint. Great melodic hard rock record!
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock   Website: Crazy Lixx Official Website
Riverdogs-California  ©2017 Frontiers Records
Very smooth sounding record from Vivian Campbell and crew. The album to me is one that grows with each listen. As I go back to this one, it sounds better each time I listen to it. A very tight band with great execution. It had been a bit since I had listen to Riverdogs, but was glad I checked this one out. Great melodic hard rock! 
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock  Website: Riverdogs Official Website
Dragonforce-Reaching Into Infinity  ©2017 Metal Blade Records
Very typical fare by this band, but that's always a good thing. Do check out the epic track 'The Edge of the World' as well as the bonus cover of Death's 'Evil Dead'. The album smokes from one end to the other and fits into the catalog very well. The band don't reinvent the wheel, but they don't need to either.
For Fans of: Metal  Website: Dragonforce Official Website
Kryptonite-Kryptonite  ©2017 Frontiers Records
A Great melodic record that reunites Jakob Samuel with former The Poodles bandmate Pontus Egberg. In a lot of ways this was very similar to what you hear on a record by The Poodles. Melodic hard rock that is memorable. Other notable musicians such as Michael Palace and Robban Back. Decent new band and record from Frontiers!
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock Website Kryptonite on Facebook
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