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Pick of the month for 9 - 2020 
South Of Salem-The Sinner Takes It All
I have revamped the picks section into more of a buyers guide. I figured that I would give a little more exposure to albums that are must haves and are still available as far as I know. If you have questions beyond the descriptions given, email me. Thanks for checking this section out.
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Another great release in a year that has brought a lot of uncertainty. Records like South of Salem's 'The Sinner Takes It All' have brought some optimism and bright spots in a year filled with negativity. The band has quite a bit of a modern feel with bands like Avenged Sevenfold or Dope coming to mind, but I also hear some sounds in here that had me thinking late 80's hard rock. It's a great sound and the songs are memorable. I felt from the time I got the promo of this album that this would be a pick of the month. The album is now released and here we are. If you haven't heard of the band, they due have some material on YouTube that will give you an idea. For us, we dig them a lot! Also, check out the other great music below!
Primal Fear-Metal Commando  ©2020 Nuclear Blast Records
Primal Fear is one of the most consistent bands out there. The write their music in a certain formula and it works. You know what you are going to get each time. It always comes down to is the album great or even better than that. This album joins some of the greats like the debut in my opinion as some of the best in their catalog!
For Fans of:  Metal Website: Primal Fear Official Website
Perfect Plan-Time For A Miracle   ©2020 Frontiers Records 
This Swedish AOR band really has the goods. If they would have been around back in the 80's, they would have been a major player on the scene. Think bands like Journey, Foreigner and others and you will have a feel for the style of Perfect Plan. Absolutely great release that has been getting its fair share of playing time!
For Fans of:  Rock   Website: Perfect Plan Official Website
RSC-Shadow Lady   ©2020 RSC Music
Very cool new traditional hard rock album that features a couple of re-records from an earlier album along with some other great new tracks. If you dig 80's style hard rock, this album is a must have. This band play that style with no apologies. This is truly a great record but seems a bit hard to find right now. Seek it out!
For Fans of:  Melodic Hard Rock  Website: RSC on Facebook
Lionvile-Magic Is Alive   ©2020 Frontiers Records
Fourth album from this awesome melodic hard rock band. Work Of Art frontman Lars Säfsund also fronts this band and there are obvious similarities. The music as always is rich in tone with very good atmosphere. Pretty much on par with previous albums. They know what the do well and they deliver each time! 
For Fans of: AOR  Website:  Lionville on Facebook
Mark Spiro-2+2=5: Best Of + Rarities  ©2020 Frontiers Records
Great compilation of tracks from the master songwriter. This set spans three compact discs with the third disc containing unreleased material. For the price, this is one of the best bang for your buck melodic rock albums of this year. Even with the length of this set, I have been through it quite a few times start to finish!
For Fans of: Melodic Rock  Website:   Mark Spiro on Facebook
Heavy Load-Stronger Than Evil   ©2018 Thunderload/No Remorse Records 
Obviously not a new record. Originally released in 1983, but got a really nice update a couple of years back. Been wanting to talk about this one for a bit as it was an old favorite. You get a re-master, bonus tracks, and great notes throughout. Sweden's first metal band could possibly be offering new music eventually. Really good classic record!
For Fans of: Metal    Website:  Heavy Load Official Website
Bodine-Anthology   ©2019 Pseudonym Records 
Great boxset that includes the band's three studio albums and a fourth disc with rarities. I checked these guys out years ago on vinyl and really liked their sound. They have obviously been defunct for a very long time now, but this boxset offers a great way to get all of their stuff in one package. Not sure how many are still out there.
For Fans of: Metal  Website: Bodine Wikipedia
Blue Öyster Cult-iHeart Radio N.Y.C. 2012  ©2020 Frontiers Records
Another great live release from this legendary band. This one was recorded in 2012 and has a great live sound to it. Good track selection as well. I've been a big fan of this band;'s live stuff. Extraterrestrial Live' is probably my favorite live album of all time. I did pick up this new one in Blu-Ray as well. Good set!
For Fans of: Rock  Website: Blue Öyster Cult Official Website 
Bloody Heels-Ignite The Sky  ©2020 Frontiers Records
Great signing by Frontiers for this hard rock band from Latvia. The music is fairly traditional hard rock in terms of style but does have a bit more of an edge to it. Some good musicianship is displayed and the songs are well crafted. This is one of the younger bands on the roster and they have offered up some great music!
For Fans of: Hard Rock Website Bloody Heels Bandcamp
September 2020 Edition
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