Angra-Holy Land
   © 1996 CNR Music
Adagio-Sanctus Ignis
© 2001 Limb Music Products
A few notes
Angra hails from South America and the music definitely confirms this fact. This band really has their chops down. The bands music really has amazing depth with a lot of added elements that enhance the listening experience. For instance, how about a little Latin percussion added in to build a groove. There are the interesting intros as well. The band is extremely melodic, but can keep up with the best of metal bands when it comes to intensity. I was really blown away after hearing 'Holy Land'. This disc really offers a lot to listeners wanting different things.

Standout Tracks
Nothing to say-There's a lot going on here. Great background enhancements mixed with melody and precise guitar rhythms.
Carolina IV-Long track checking in at over 10 minutes. Really has an authentic feel to it. Very progressive in it's own way. My favorite track.
Holy Land-Very visual track. On the lighter side with amazing melody. Arranged very well.
Make Believe-Track that builds in intensity and depth. Very melodic once again. Lot's of feeling.
Z.I.T.O.-Quick rhythms mixed with orchestration. Fairly fast, but never loses the melodic element. Very cool mid-section.
Deep Blue-Lighter track that puts emphasis on vocals and arrangements. Flows well.

I really liked this disc. I wasn't as familiar with Angra and really was surprised at their aptitude. I never would have guessed the band would have been this sophisticated and tight. Just shows that you should broaden your focus to other frontiers as you never know what you might miss. Highly recommended!
A few notes
Adagio is a fairly new project from Stephan Forte and also features David Readman handling vocal duties. You'll remember David as the lead vocalist of Pink Cream 69. One thing to ascertain quickly is that this band is a huge wall of sound. The band has an intensity, but not in aggression. They are heavy, yet have a delicate balance of crunch and melody that really makes them stand out amongst the rest.

Standout Tracks
Second Sight-What an opening. Puts this album in perspective in a hurry. Great backing choir type vocals with a bit of a Dream Theater style guitar influence.
In Nomine...-Very classical at first and then explodes into a combination of metal and classical sounds. Sounds like early Malmsteen.
The stringless violin-Huge arrangements at the first. Definitely check out the solo and guess who it sounds like. Very visual mid-section.
Seven lands of sin-Progressive masterpiece. Checks in at over 11 minutes. Covers a lot of ground. Very good track.
Order of Enlil-Probably my favorite. Huge background adds a ton of depth. Instrumental track.
Immigrant Song-Probably one of the coolest, but strangest versions of the Led Zeppelin classic you will ever hear. Dig this cover a lot. Same feel as the rest of the album which is why it is a bit removed from the original.

Just seems like bands keep getting better and better, doesn't it. Adagio really is an amazement. The fact that this band can attach some very large orchestral arrangements to some heavy music and do it with a lot of taste speaks leaps and bounds of their potential. I feel that ths is one of the best releases this year. Should create a buzz. Another highly recommended release.