Volbeat-Rewind, Replay, Rebound   ©2019  Republic Records
​The new record from Volbeat shows the band expanding their sound. If you check out the first single 'Last Day Under the Sun', you might think they are going further down a path away from their heavier sound from years ago. By the time you hit tracks like 'The Everlasting', you realize the band still caters to that heavy sound, but have just evolved a bit more to include other sounds which I think they do quite well. I actually was hooked on that first single and bought the album based on that. I found the album to have some decent variety and honestly, I found that I really liked the album as a whole. I became a fan some years back and have delved into quite a bit of their catalog at this point. I like where they are. I think a band needs to grow. I don't think they need to totally abandon their sound, which Volbeat hasn't. This is a very upbeat and fun record!
Release Date:  August 2, 2019
Skillet-Victorious    ©2019  Atlantic Records 
​The latest release from Skillet pretty much follows the formula of the last few releases, which is okay. I think the band have hit a nice groove with their modern rock sound.  The album once again has an infectious feel to it. It has the potential to draw in fans from many different musical tastes as well as Christian or Non-Christian fans alike. The band offer good messages to go along with their musical journey once again. As mentioned for those who are not aware, the band's sound leans more modern and has a good intensity overall. The band doesn't shy away from adding some good pound to the sound, but also never lose sight of the atmosphere and melody that make their records enjoyable. This is a pretty even record as far as the tempo goes. The songs are really good and engaging.  If you like modern hard rock, you probably have checked this one out. Great stuff!
Release Date:  August 2, 2019
Vitne-Aria  ©2019  Vitne Music
​Vitne's new album 'Aria' is a pretty unique sounding album in my opinion. Apparently is written in a fashion to have a feel like Japanese RPG video games such as Final Fantasy among others. This is obviously what really influences it's sound and direction. You get a bit of a progressive feel here and there mixed with modern rock elements. If you really try to analyze it, you will see just how much is going on with it. There is a simplicity to it, yet also a bit of complexity. You can't really go into this one by just sampling tracks. There are so many different things happening that it takes a complete listen to try to understand it. It really is quite likable. In some ways it also feels like there are some retro sounds incorporated into it as well. When I mention 'unique', I really feel it is. It is different enough from the mainstream to stand out on its own. Recommended!
Release Date:  August 15, 2019
Takida-Sju   ©2019  Takida/BMG Music
​Latest offering from this great Swedish modern hard rock band.  Still not well known on our shores, this band draws really decent crowds closer to their home. This latest effort is unmistakably Takida in terms of sound. It may be slightly more mainstream oriented, but does have a decent rocking edge from time to time. The band has a real knack for writing great memorable music and once again 'Sju' is no exception to that rule. I can pop this album in the player and let it go start to finish without ever feeling the need to skip anything. It really is disappointing that there hasn't been a market found for them in the States. I feel this band has huge potential in our market if given the chance. I am a big fan and will continue to do my part to get the word out to those who may enjoy their style of music. Another solid record by a very talented band with great chemistry!
Release Date:  June 14, 2019
Sinner-Santa Muerte   ©2019  AFM Records
​Sinner has quite the catalog of albums to this point. There has been a consistency to this band through the years that have kept fans happy with the band's metal music that has a fairly traditional feel to it. Every now and then you change things up. With the new album 'Santa Muerte', the band has added female vocalist Giorgia Colleluori who brings a new dimension to the band's sound. Mat and Giorgia share lead vocal duties and compliment each other. The music still has that Sinner sound to it, it just reaches new peaks due to the vocal difference between the two singers. There is a lot of bang for your buck on the new album with there being 12 tracks and a bonus track. You also have guests with Ronnie Romero and Magnus Karlsson. If you are already familiar with the band, you will probably like this new album. Good raw stuff with a cool vibe!
Release Date:  September 13, 2019