Mourning Grey-Hollow   ©2018  Pavement Entertainment
​Solid 6 track e.p. from this Phoenix Arizona based modern metal band. To me, they remind me of bands maybe somewhere between Breaking Benjamin and Flaw or maybe even a bit of SOiL. That's the general style you can expect. The music is well written and songs tend to be memorable. The overall feel is heavier with a few deep moments scattered around. It's a good statement record. This band has the goods and should continue to grow their audience. Subject-wise the music digs into the struggles in life and the ability to overcome them. I listen to quite a few bands that play this style and feel this is a very good listen and the only thing that would make it better is if it were a full length album. In time I'm sure we'll get more from them, but this is a good record to get the ball rolling. Recommended for fans of modern sounds.
Release Date:  June 29, 2018
Wonderworld-III    ©2018  Sliptrick Records 
​This bands new album 'III' is also my introduction to the band. There is some very cool things going on with this record. It definitely has a bit of a retro feel to it and a really cool vibe. You get a feel of many different influences including the classic sound as well as some progressive as well. It doesn't lean heavy on one thing which makes this a pretty interesting listen. Musicianship is really good as well. I found it hard to nail down a comparison as I could hear many different similarities to other bands, but not really heavy enough to compare to anyone else. Maybe a bit of Galactic Cowboys in places.  Vocally, it reminded me a bit of Jean Beauvoir of Crown of Thorns. In a nutshell, this record stands on its own. It borrows a little from here and there but has its own identity. I like this band and think the sound is refreshing. Recommended!
Release Date:  June 19, 2018
Trauma-As the World Dies  ©2018  The Orchard/Sony/ Rivet Records
​I was a pretty big fan of the Thrash scene of the late 80's . The Bay area gave us a lot of solid Thrash acts such as Metallica, Testament, etc. Trauma dates back to the early 80's and were featured on the 'Metal Massacre II' compilation with the track 'Such a Shame'. The band features a few well known musicians such as Greg Christian who helped found Testament and Joe Fraulob formerly of Danzig. Trauma is also the band that featured legendary bassist Cliff Burton early on. This new record is tight. Everything is clicking with it. It's heavy as you would expect and pretty consistent. It's also old school with modern refinements to the sound. The vocals soar to great heights as the album chugs along. The music is delivered with a very good and interesting flow which keeps you interested.  Very easy recommend to fans of old school Thrash metal! 
Release Date:  May 11, 2018
Like A Storm-Catacombs   ©2018  Century Media 
​I really dig this band. I started listening with the last release and some time has passed up to the point of this new release. This new album is lights out. The band show some really good growth. And yes, the Didgredoo still has a decent presence throughout the album. The band really embraced this additional sound and once again it works very well with the new music. The music by itself has a bit more depth than I had remembered on 'Awaken the Fire', but the Didgredoo adds even more depth to what is already here. You will want to check out the new track 'The Devil Inside' via a video up on Youtube. It's a pretty good representation of where the band's sound is right now. It's got a fairly catchy feel and I felt it was memorable from the first listen. The whole album to me is this way. This band is destined for even greater heights with this record!
Release Date: June 22, 2018
Null'O'Zero-Instructions To Dominate   ©2018  Rock of Angels Records
​Second release from this Greece based band that deliver their metal in a strong Power Metal feel. As I made my way through this album it kept reminding of me of another band, but it took me subsequent listens to nail it down. They remind me of Iced Earth in ways. Not totally, but I felt there were some similarities in their sound. They are fairly aggressive with a heavy rhythm section. Vocals are good and fairly traditional. The music has good hard driving rhythm guitar work which really thickens the sound up. I was quite surprised to hear this was the band's second release. This album has a heavy veteran feel to it and comes across very confident. One other element to the bands sound that kept coming to mind was the vocal similarities to Ronnie James Dio. The styles are a bit similar in the way both singers belt it out.  Very easy recommend!
Release Date:  July 13, 2018