Stone Angels-Give In To Temptation  ©2014 Stone Angels
​Here's a cool release for fans of no nonsense straight forward hard rock. The bands sound is a bit more about old school having drawn influences out of the L.A. rock scene as well as the UK scene from years past. The band have a good mainstream rock feel with today's technology. There is a video for the track 'Can You?' that gives the listener unfamiliar with them a taste of their sound. Other standout tracks include 'Devil's Child', the album opener 'Misplaced Memories' and the more melodic 'Thousand Years' which gives you a feel for the band at the other end of the spectrum. Solid release!
Tad Morose-St. Demonius   ©2015 Despotz Records 
Been awhile since I checked out some Tad Morose. I remember picking up 'Sender of Thoughts' a very long time ago and I'm not sure I have heard much since. The bands latest release however remedies that. 'St. Demonius' is a solid power metal release that really waste any time getting things going. The album rolls along pretty steady with a good veteran feel to it and quite honestly very good focus. It's the kind of album that you can start up and never skip tracks. If you like some, pretty good bet you'll like the majority of it. I remember this band being solid, and they definitely still are!
Red Line Chemistry-Chemical High & a Hand Grenade  ©2015 Pavement Entertainment
​Modern rockers Red Line Chemistry return with their latest record 'Chemical High & a Hand Grenade' which is actually a shelved recording of their debut album from 2006. Also included with this release is 'Becoming of Saints' from the bands 2007 self released follow up, 'Escape Plan'. The band went on later to release successful records including 'Dying for a Living' from 2011 and 'Tug of War' from 2013. This record will bring a wanted chapter of the band's history to the fans. It's always nice to feel like you have a complete catalog from bands you like and this is a necessary chapter in my opinion. 
U.D.O-Navy Metal Night   ©2015 AFM Records
​Here is something completely different for Udo fans. Yeah, it's Udo and his music, but what you have here is a solid live release featuring the German Navy Orchestra and filmed in 2014. What I am reviewing is the audio, but after hearing this I fully intend on grabbing a copy with the blu-rays. There will be DVD's as well. There is an special appearance of Doro Pesch for the track 'Dancing With an Angel'. I like the track listing and the orchestra mix works pretty well throughout. Actually enhances some tracks well. Pretty solid show that is probably even better on the video portions! Very cool indeed!
Murder F.M.-Happily Never After   ©2015 Famous Records Global/Pavement Entertainment
​I like this album. Every time I fire it up it reminds me of the band Dope in ways. Obviously this will have more appeal to modern heavy rock fans, but it's a good bet that older fans such as myself will find quite a bit to like as well. It's heavy, yet catchy.  Having toured with bands such as Rob Zombie, Pop Evil and others, this band seems to be poised for the bigtime. One of the things that I like about this album is the mixture of thick guitar sound with a bit of rich atmosphere in places. This is a nice added dimension to an already good sound. Keep your eyes on this band as I'm betting they do well!