Slasher-Katharsis   ©2014 Slasher Music
​Solid old school meets modern thrash album. At the core of the music this band plays, you can hear a lot of old school thrash influence. Vocally, the band is a bit more modern sounding as the vocals are much more aggressive. This may be good or bad depending on what you like as a fan. I think the album is pretty solid and this band based out of Brazil should secure more attention in the near future if word gets out properly. They also made a pretty interesting video that is more like a mini movie for the track 'Final Day'. Has a Guy Ritchie feel to it so do check it out. Solid thrash!
Neonfly-Strangers in Paradise   ©2014 Inner Wound Recordings 
​This album to me is a stunner. The band have it all. Good vocal work and musicianship and most important of all, amazing songs. Definitely progressive influences here, but it isn't all about that. The band is new to me and I liked it enough to go back and grab their 'Outshine the Sun' album. You definitely see a lot of growth although that album is pretty decent. It all just feels even tighter and some of these songs instantly stick with you. There is plenty of heavier stuff and some really good more laid back melodic stuff. This album to me is an instant winner. Glad I ran across this band!
Kissin' Dynamite-Megalomania  ©2014 AFM Records
​This band just keeps getting better and better with every release. I like the general direction the band has been heading in terms of their sound. Lots of attitude mixed with big choruses and a very cool groove added for good results. This album to me has even more hit potential in the tracks. Quite a few of these tunes could make this band a household name. I just wish there was more interest domestically as I don't see much going on for them in the States. One can hope that 'Megalomania' will increase their exposure on this side of the planet as the band is pretty damned good and catchy!
Mr. Big-...The Stories We Could Tell   ©2014 Frontiers Records
​Good release from this veteran band that once again showcases the brilliant musicianship this band has always offered. The music to me is good, but didn't hit me right away like the previous effort did. The album to me is what I refer to as a grower. It may take more than a listen for it to sink in, but when it does, you'll come away feeling satisfied. It's also nice to see a band age gracefully. Some of the bands from this era haven't done that, but Mr. Big has continued their career in a positive fashion. Good band with a good new release. Definitely take the time to give it a listen!
Slears-Far Away From Getting Somewhere   ©2014 Enghardt Media
​Upon initial listen to this band, I wasn't sure. Something told me to stick with it and after a couple of listens, I'm glad I did. The band plays it a bit more modern with a few old school style riffs. What I like about albums like this one is the fact they grow with you and really become some of my more listened to albums. I like the choruses quite a bit on this record. This is the element that sticks with you and the rest of it just causes it all to gel together for a complete listen. My advice to anyone looking into this band is do exactly what I did, give it a few spins and it will reward you with a great listen!