Steel Prophet-Unseen
  © 2002 Nuclear Blast Records

The Quill-Voodoo Caravan
  © 2002 SPV/Steamhammer Records
'Unseen' is the latest effort from Steel Prophet and the final release featuring vocalist Rick Mythiasin. As usual the album is of high quality and in places there is a reminiscence of Iron Maiden. Speaking from tempo, this release is pretty typical of what the band did with 'Book of the Dead'. There is the bit quicker tempo tracks such as 'Truth', and 'Mirror, Mirror, Life after Life'. Most of the tracks are into a more chunky driving guitar sound such as 'Rainwalker', 'One way out' which is one of my favorite tracks, 'Shattered Apart', and 'Blackest of Hearts' which is very riff oriented as is 'Martyred'. The band also embraces a fair amount of melody and atmosphere on tracks like 'Among the Damned' which picks up a bit in tempo, 'Bolero', the very melodic 'Magenta' and the closer 'Magenta (reprise). One of my favorites which hasn't been mentioned so far is the masterful 'Killer's Confession'. The track is very visual in it's presentation and displays varying intensity which would only be fitting with the tracks title. It is also worth mentioning that Joe Floyd worked with the band again as was the case with 'Book of the Dead'. The results are a very dynamic and powerful listen.

'Unseen' is another great release from the band. The music is consistent with what fans have come to expect. The band is writing at the top of their game and having Joe Floyd involved is a great additive to this release. It will now be interesting to see how the band replaces Mythiasin. Another worthy release!
The Quill hail from Sweden and are one of the many good metal bands coming out of the region right now. 'Voodoo Caravan' is actually the bands third release, but first for SPV/Steamhammer. To try to compare the band to similar artists you would definitely hear comparisons to Monster Magnet or Kyuss although I think the Quill are much better from a consistency standpoint and vocally. The music really is a wall of sound. Loud and nasty guitar sounds, thumping bass that is even sometimes fuzzed a bit mixed with some over the top drumming. The bright spot with this band is that they are not just loud and in your face, but there is an amazing mix of melody mixed in that makes the music catchy withut losing the necessary attitude. Looking at some of the music, 'Voodoo Caravan' is no holds barred but once again has some good melodies. 'Until Earth is bitter gone' is visual and melodic. I like the atmosphere of that song. What caps that song off is the tempo change to a heavier sound. That is what sets this band apart. '(Wade across) The Mighty River' is very vocal driven with a good acoustic sound. Other favorite tracks include 'Sell no soul', 'Hole in my head', 'Drifting', and the closer 'Virgo'

This band writes very well rounded music. They can do it all and do it very well. The band can hit you with a sledgehammer and then soothe the soul. That can be a feat to be successful at both. I think that The Quill has a very bright future and they are just another example of the good stuff coming out of Sweden right now. This one is available domestically so definitely check it out!