HMR:  As you have been doing some tour dates have you noticed the different types of fans showing up to the shows??  I have been seeing quite a variety of people showing up to the shows I have been to.

D.D. :  It's funny you say that.  We played a show on Friday and I did notice that.  A couple of other people mentioned that too.  We really had kind of a diverse crowd.  There was also a lot of young people there the other night.   We thought it was cool.

HMR:  What is one of the strangest or funniest things you have seen out on tour??

D.D. :  Hmmm,  that's kind of a hard one.  Every night seems like a circus.  One night we were playing in Seattle.  We had a rule for the bus,  'No dudes on the bus' unless they were with a radio station or a magazine or something like that.  Somehow this guy got on the bus.  He came up to me and was saying 'You guys are my favorite band of all time' and stuff like that.  I told him,  'Right on, cool man'.  I signed his tee shirt and cd and talked to him for like a half an hour.  Next thing you know, an hour goes by. He wasn't like the typical fan, he was becoming a stalker.  I looked at our road manager like 'Geez,  this guy is blowing my whole party.  There is all of these half naked chicks and I have to talk to him'.  The road manager wals over and says 'You want me to get Jimmy??'  Jimmy is my cousin and is our light guy.  Jimmy walks up to the guy and says 'You are going to have to go'.  The guy starts giving him shit and says 'This is my favorite band and you're not going to kick me off of this bus!'  Jimmy said 'You don't understand, we have a rule and you are breaking the rule.  There's not suppose to be any guys on the bus, and you are on the bus and you are gonna have to go'.  The kid starts threatening to kick his ass.  They start backing up to where the door is. They end up in the doorway and the guy is still arguing with Jimmy.  Jimmy says 'Look, if I hit you it's only gonna take one time'.  The guy started threatening again and throws a punch at my cousin and my cousin hits him and this guy flew off the bus.  I had ran back and got my video camera and filmed it because I used to film everything.  He cracked this guy square in the nose.  Everyone was laughing. This guy looked like Mike Tyson hit him.  He was a bit shaken and his teeth were busted out.  The bus driver finds the guys tooth and puts it in the guys pocket.  By this time the cops were coming.  Everyone was saying 'You gotta get outta here'.  We all jump on the bus and get ready to drive away. It takes the bus about 5 minutes to warm up and we're all laughing hysterically.  We start to back up out of the parking lot of the club and all of the sudden we hear 'Bam Bam Bam' on the door.  We tell the driver to pull over because it might be somebody we left or something.  We open up the door and it's that dude.  He get's back on the bus.  He is all busted up and says 'Fuck you guys,  you are my favorite band and I am going with you!'  Talk about a hardcore fan.  The bus driver put his foot in his chest and kicked him off of the bus.  We drove away laughing for about 4 hours.  It was hilarious!  I have about a hundred others, but that is the one that popped into my head.

HMR:  How did you hook up with the late Sam Kinison on your first record??

D.D. :  We were in the recording studio and he was in the recording studio and I went to his studio a couple of times and sang some backup vocals on his record and partied with him.  I told him that he owed me a favor and he said anytime.  We had just got done recording 'The kid goes wild' and I said 'Wait a minute, man.  I think Sam could put something in this middle part right here'.  I went over to him and kind of wrote out what I wanted to say and he said 'I'll be over there at 3:00 in the morning'.  Sure enough, he shows up at 3 and looked at what I had wrote and said 'All right,  let it roll'.  They rolled the tape and he used some of the stuff I wrote, but all of the other stuff was totally off the top of his head.  First take.  We were all just cracking up.  It was cool.

HMR:  Was he as crazy as he appeared??

D.D. :  No doubt about it. I only partied with him 5 or 6 times.  2 times at the studio and a couple of times out on the road.  He was out on the road when we were and would come down to our gig and did 'The kid goes wild' stuff.  He was a rock 'n' roll partier.

HMR:  You did a video back then for the song as well as the movie Robocop 2. Is that the only soundtrack type stuff the band has done??

D.D. :  Yeah, with the band.  I did a couple of other things for movies.

HMR:  What movies were they??

D.D. :  I had a couple of songs that nobody had ever heard of and it really wasn't even us.  This movie 'Rich Girl' had a couple of songs and I had a couple of other tracks other people have done.

HMR:  What is the bands favorite place to play in??

D.D. :  Oh man,  there are a lot of good places to play.  Salt Lake City,  Dallas,  Florida,  New York,  Boston, Chicago,  and we played the Arizonafest a couple of times.  I can tell you some places I wouldn't want to play,  Amarillo, Texas.  We went to play there one time and we found out we were playing this bandito clubhouse.  We drive up in the van to the club and there is this big giant sheet hung out that says 'Welcome Babylon A.D.'. (Laughs) It's in the daytime and we go into the club.  We look around and I go 'Holy shit man,  do you see all of these Hells Angels Bandito guys??'  We were used to the Hells Angels because they used to come to our gigs, but these guys were like a new breed of Hells Angels.  Then we looked at the stage and there was a big giant hole in the middle of it.  We asked how we were suppose to play with that big hole right in the middle of the stage.  Then we asked where the P.A. was.  They said that we didn't need no P.A. to play their club, they said just to sing through the Marshall stacks.  Our sound man is looking at me like 'Are these guys serious??'  They had these Marshall stacks and wanted us to sing through these.  They said 'Warrant had come through about 6 months ago and they didn't care.  They just got up there and played.  We'll just put a piece of plywood up there to cover that hole in the stage'.  We got on the phone and told our booking agent,  and he said 'Look,  you have half of your money and you can hit the road if you don't want to do the gig'.  We took off and about an hour later about 10 bikers are surrounding the bus yelling for us to come back and play right now or we're gonna kick your ass!  We told the bus driver just to keep on going.  They must've followed us for about 50 miles. We said 'For sure we're not turning around now'.

HMR:  In closing,  what would you like to tell the fans out there??

D.D. :  Well,  for the fans we still have out there and the new fans we are collecting,   I just wanted to say thanks for buying the record and believing in us.  It's really cool to have the website out and still know that there are a lot of people that picked up our previous records and still dig us and want us to continue.  Without having the website up back in '98,  we would have never known if we could have made this album.  There were so many fans that would write to us and wonder when we were gonna make a new record.  They couldn't wait to hear the new stuff.  We made this record for us as well as the fans.  We wanted to show a true representation of who we really are where were at now in the year 2000.  We will keep making records as long as the people keep digging them.

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Eric Pacheco and Derek Davis at Ultrasound 2000