Best of 2020
Most people were glad to get out of 2020. You have to be honest, it was a real shitshow. From Covid to lockdowns and a variety of other things, there wasn't much to like. The one thing there was to like was the music. As usual, the creativity flowed and the music was really good. It was really odd to not have live music. The concert experience has been a huge part of my life and the void was felt. As mentioned, it did give the artists we love the ability to focus on new music and we were also treated to some cool live stuff from the lockdown. With all of that being said, I'm ready to get back to a more normal life.

As far as our favorite releases, we wanted to spend a few weeks going back through them to get a refresher. With the large amount of music we take in, it gets difficult to remember everything and that is why we spend the time doing that.

We are once again covering the metal and heavier rock category as well as the melodic rock sounds as well. Just as a FYI, We don't tend to get into the death metal, hardcore, doom and other scenes as much as it is a bit out of our tastes. Nothing wrong with it, just isn't my personal thing. With the sheer amount of music we listen to, time is limited and you have to enjoy what you listen to. Other genres in the metal category are covered in other areas of the web. 

For the metal category, we chose Testament's 'Titans of Creation'. I personally felt this album has the same quality as the band's earlier recordings and it was just an intense and great listen. You can always count on this band to deliver the goods.

For the melodic rock category, we had to go with One Desire's 'Midnight Empire'. There was no other melodic rock album that I went back to more than this album. They became a favorite of mine with their debut and they showed an evolving sound with 'Midnight Empire' that was smooth, rich and very infectious. 

Listed below is the 2 lists. Don't miss any of these titles in either one as these records were excellent, all of them. 

Not sure what to expect from 2021, but musically it is getting started off in an amazing way. Probably due to the time artists had to just create. I'm looking forward to what is offered and hope you will too! We appreciate all of the support not only from the readers of the site, but from the promotional agencies and labels as well as the artists themselves. Here's to 2021...
Metal and Heavier Rock​
1. Testament-Titans of Creation (Nuclear Blast)
2. Smackbound-20/20 (Frontiers)
3. Damnation Angels-Fiber of Our Being (Massacre)
​4. Armored Saint-Punching The Sky (Metal Blade)
5. Fates Warning-Long Day Good Night (Metal Blade)
6. Dirty Shirley-Dirty Shirley (Frontiers)
7. DGM-Tragic Separation (Frontiers)
8. South of Salem-The Sinner Takes It All (Self)
9. Blue Öyster Cult-The Symbol Remains (Frontiers)
10. Dynazty-The Dark Delight (AFM)
Melodic and Hard Rock
1. One Desire-Midnight Empire (Frontiers)
2. Ocean Hills-Santa Monica (AFM)
3. H.E.A.T.-II (earMusic)
4. Perfect Plan-Time For A Miracle (Frontiers)
5. Palace-Rock And Roll Radio (Frontiers)
6. Adelitas Way-Shine On (Vegas Syn)
7. Black Swan-Shake The World (Frontiers)
8. Arctic Rain-The One (Frontiers)
9. Harem Scarem-Change The World (Frontiers)
10. Stryper-Even The Devil Believes (Frontiers)